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Anna Talbot - Eco Fashion Week Vancouver

Eco Fashion Week is about to take off on October 5 and will go through till the 7th. A week dedicated to showcasing sustainable fashion and artists with these same goals.

Anna Talbot is one of these fine young artists. Based in Vancouver B.C. Anna got her start in 2008 at Emily Carr University. Where she majored in printmaking. A technique involving the application of colour to fabric in the form of a design or pattern. Close to dyeing fabric although instead of one colour and dyeing the whole fabric it is generally one or more colours applied to certain parts only. Creating sharply defined patterns.

By Anna’s third year at Emily Carr, she “had the idea to print traditional etchings on silk and textiles. My artwork was often about women and the body. So my imagery easily translated onto textiles and into wearable pieces once I discovered my passion for textiles and design.”

After such a discovery she took her sustainable mindset into the “world of natural dyeing, draping and garment production.” The epitome of ‘Slow Fashion’.  Also with her favourite materials being reclaimed silk, vintage embroidered linens and handmade lace.

In 2008 she produced five solo shows and developed her first collection. She also collaborated with designer Lindsay Steele on a book of poetry and art called ‘Awakening’. 

In the world of ‘Fast Fashion’ we find outfits that are too big or lack a personalized shape. Which is why most of us have to take our clothing to tailors or friends that can take them in and make them fit. Couture is a word everyone has heard before, but not all of us know what it actually means. Couture is a form of fashion styling that custom makes women’s clothing. Something Anna is very inspired by. She also is very inspired by couture designer Alexander McQueen and of course vintage Dior.

As the world of fashion is ever changing and people are becoming more and more lazy with their designs and manufacturing. I couldn’t help but ask Anna what her hopes for the fashion industry are: “I hope to see an increase in sustainable production and localized manufacturing.” Clearly a theme in the eco world of ‘Slow Fashion’.

Anna got involved in Eco Fashion Week in order to find an avenue to showcase her work and she was drawn to EFW’s mission. After meeting with the production team she quickly realized “It’s was a perfect fit!”

Anna’s work can be found at Eco Fashion Week and The Window the EFW’s tradeshow event, October 5 – 7th  from 5-9pm. As well as at

Head on over to Eco Fashion Week to see the wonderful works of all of the designers and make sure you stop by to see Anna. Check out her amazing designs made special for the betterment of the world of fashion.

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