Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Colour Blocking at its Best

Fashion fashion fashion. Trends that come and go. Decades can go by without a hint of the past and then BOOM or BAM…we’ve gone back in time. Bright, hot colours have slowly been showing themselves again. It started with accents, a touch of something from the 70’s or 80’s. Without all the disco and shoulder pads.

Now ‘Colour Blocking’. Re-introduced as a trend in the spring of 2011 for the summer of 2011. Of course 2011 isn’t the only window for this magical trend of vibrant colours.  It may be here to stay for a while.

Colour Blocking involves creating an outfit by placing blocks of colour next to one another made up of two or more colours. Using too many colours can make everything go all wrong, so make sure to start slow if you’re interested. The more colours you wear will keep cutting your body shape and possibly highlight your insecurities. Start with one colour and then move up from there. Colours may include bright, muted, monotone, contrasting, and complimentary colours. Stick to similar tones and don’t be shy.

Colour blocking is best done not only with simple colours but also with simple styles that have clean lines.  When you’ve found your simple vibrant outfit you will most likely move onto your accessories. Be very careful as you could ruin everything with the wrong shoes or bag. If you’ve chosen a colour blocked outfit stick to neutral, metallic or black accessories and vice versa.

For inspiration look at artists like Piet Mondrian for the ideal block look or RoyLichtenstien for the vibrant colours.  

Colour Blocking has been around for a long time. Its best known for its appearances on the 70’s dance floors and runways. Then throughout the 80’s, simple Colour Blocking stopped being so simple and became very messy. When I look back I see that maybe the hair had something to do with the need for a more simple, subtle look. Which is when we journeyed back into modest colours and shades, allowing us to blend in and look very sexy chic.

Time has passed and the people that lived through the 80’s have moved through the ‘Too soon’ faze to bring back this colour scheme. Colour blocking is apart of so many aspects of our lives like jewelry, bags, shoes, furniture, make up, and even nails. The boundaries are endless and if you have found enjoyment in getting lost like I have in the colourful t-shirt section at American Apparel you’re going to have tonnes of fun with this. 


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