Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Eco Fashion Week Vancouver Opening Night

The night we’ve all been waiting for has arrived and everyone was dressed to impress. It was Eco Fashion Week and The Window’s opening night tonight and I must say I enjoyed myself. As I drank my complimentary Pacific Western Organic beer, yum, listening to the soulful sounds of Sara Brudner. I asked the question. Are all of these people dressed in eco attire? The people I had talked to said no. Interesting, and yet, to be expected.

Eco Fashion Week is here to introduce us to the new and up-and-coming stars of the eco fashion world. Some amazing ones at that. With a hint of trade show atmosphere I made my way through the booths to see who was where. The lighting made it a little difficult to see every artists work, but as far as I could see everyone was having a great time.

Each artist and designer had something different going for them.  Carmen West Creative was nestled in a nice little area with some wonderful simple headpieces and jewelry. Her amazing skills and shy smiling self, made me smile most throughout the evening.

Local designer Nicole Bridger was in full force, providing a modern simple fashion line in which we’ll see tomorrow evening on the runway. Then Shefelt just kitty-corner to Nicole, was able to provide the evening with unique one of a kind outfits very fitting to her name. Harricana par Mariouche had really great accessories; while Jujube supplied the comfortable looks accented by the colour orange. The glamour of the evening came from Hume Atelier, showcasing their exceptional style of art custom made for each and every person. Formalitees was there with their fist in the air promoting, with colour, a greater change than just sustainability.

From what I saw there tonight the eco fashion industry is not too far off. There seems to be hope for the future of fashion. Everyone involved in the evening was able to help with an honest and safe space for new beginnings.

Tonight was just the beginning of something wonderful to come. Thursday and Friday are still to come as the designers hit the runway. The Window will be open again both nights for all interested from 2-9pm while the fashion show begins at 5pm.

We hope to see you all there.

Christina .)

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