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Titania Inglis - Eco Fashion Week Vancouver

We hope that people consider their environmental impact on the world and sometimes it’s hard to not feel that it’s a lost cause. Especially in fashion where time and money are of the essence.

Titania Inglis is not concerned with those things. Although she is concerned with the environmental impact and quality of clothing also the ideas pertaining to the mass manufacturing and believes “Less but better.” You can see this even through her blog where she shows the craftsmanship and process that goes into making clothing. “True style is achieved through curating a small wardrobe of beautiful pieces that evolve gradually over time.”

Titania was born and raised in Ithaca, New York and in 2006 she started studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She took evening classes and in the daytime worked as an intern, then an assistant to many of her favourite designers.  She also studied pattern making at FIT and was able to apprentice under NY designers Camilla Staerk, Jean Yu, and Threeasfour.

Titania always had a love for fashion, ever since she was a small child. Time would be spent glancing through her mother’s Vogue magazines, “but didn’t see it as a career until I went back to school for graphic design and discovered instead how much I loved the hands-on, tactile nature of making clothes.” 

“If we’re going to create a more responsible garment industry, then we as consumers need to recalibrate our expectations and decide that there’s more value in purchasing a single piece that’s beautifully and thoughtfully made than in buying a dozen throwaway pieces that were manufactured at great cost to their makers’ living conditions and to the environment.”

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Titania has taken some of her inspiration from her dramatic surroundings like the gorges and waterfalls of Ithaca. Also the Androgyny of Tilda Swanton and La Roux. Along with the fresh draping of Cristobal Balenciaga; as well as the quiet, light infused structures of Japanese architect  Tadao Ando.

Among the many fabrics Titania loves to work with, the favourite is organic cotton. Although we have many different types of cotton here in North America or other countries and most of us have bought the odd outfit with this particular cotton. You may have noticed that they stretch out easily or don’t quite work right during their lifetime in your hands. Titania uses organic cotton from Japan, well what is difference? “organic cotton is too difficult to work with because of it shorter fibers, resulting in fabrics that are irregular and that wear out quickly, the mills in Japan that I work with are quietly weaving perfectly sleek shirting fabrics, floaty voiles, and sturdy denims whose quality rivals the best of the non-organic fabrics on the market. In my line, the emphasis is on creating a modern look through traditional methods, and one thing that makes it possible is that these fabrics take dyes flawlessly. Natural dyes tend to come out blotchy by nature, as it were, but with fine Japanese cottons, the colors come out perfectly even every time!”

Titania will be joining us in Vancouver for Eco Fashion Week, although she has never been here before she has been a regular to Canada as her grandparents lived in Toronto. Titania was impressed with the last few seasons of EFW and of course said yes to participate out here in Vancouver. So for all of you that will be attending, we’re lucky to have this talent among us. Make sure to take a look at her blog in order to see some of the fabulous creations that come from inside this amazing designer.

Titania’s collections can be found at End of Century in New York and Chemline in Los Angeles. Here in Vancouver she can be found at The Window at Eco Fashion Week, October 5-7 from 2-9pm everyday. Her works can also be found on her web store later this month.

Please join us and enjoy what Titania Inglis has to offer.

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