Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Formalitees - Eco Fashion Week Vancouver

I wear t-shirts every day. Sometimes it drives people crazy without me even trying, because I can totally see how and why the tuxedo t-shirt was born. If only fancy could be so simple and comfortable. The unfortunate thing about the t-shirts most of us wear is the fact that they’re not very environmentally conscious. Nor do they have anything to do with any sort of ‘change’.

I’m personally proud to say that Vancouver is welcoming Formalitees. Eco Fashion Week Vancouver has a lot of artists and designers dedicated to creating a change through many means in order to create a more sustainable industry. Formalitees is not as interested in the ‘High Fashion’ aspect of the event, but more of the message itself.

Formalitees is based in Teton Valley, Wydaho. Right smack dap in between Idaho and Wyoming. This will be their first fashion show and thought Eco Fashion Week, “is a great thing to support.”

Like America. Canada is also going through its problems and we’re not to be left out of the issues and situations that are going on around the world. We can’t forget that we’re apart of the change that needs to happen and our support needs to be well thought out and planned to the ‘T’.

Bjorn Borstelmann and Kelley Sharp “created the Tie Tee as an alternative to the business suit; one that stands for way more responsibility than we see from ‘Professionals’ in suits…But we’re not interested in the fashion of the Tie T-shirts as we are in the symbolism they stand for. Our purpose is to discredit the idea that people who wear business suits deserve respect. They’ve sold out to a hierarchical system that’s anti-democratic and corrupt to its core. Does the paycheck make it worth it?”

Inspiration for Formalitees Tie Tee comes from people all over the world fighting for their right to live and be free. Lives where people are equal and have a voice. The more we come to realize we don’t have these luxuries the more we start to see what is happening today with Occupying Wall Street or the people overthrowing their dictators in the middle east. There are small groups of people treating us like the cattle we eat and we know darn well that we’re the majority. We all have the right to earn a dollar and live comfortably, which is why we need to think about whom and what we’re supporting. It’s the only way we’re actually going to be able to have a voice in the future.

Formalitees “hopes the fashion industry turns around and looks at its waste; it’s absolutely disgusting how ruinous this industry is to people and the planet. Greenwashing won’t make it go away, but ending fast fashion and the mindless consumerism it feeds will.”

So head down to Eco Fashion Weeks The Window to see what Formalitees has to offer, October 5-7th from 2 – 9pm. If you’re interested in purchasing a Tie Tee and you’re not able to make EFW. They’re having a wicked sale at

“If you’re not using sustainably produced materials, you suck. ;)”

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